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Subject: NEW ISSUE: What does 'anon' URI mean when used in AcksTo

As discussed on the call today, I'm raising an issue about the meaning 
of 'anon' URI when used in AcksTo URI.


What does 'anon' URI mean when used in AcksTo EPR?


WS-Addressing Core [1], section 2.1 says the following about 'anon':

"Some endpoints cannot be located with a meaningful IRI; this URI is 
used to allow such endpoints to send and receive messages. The precise 
meaning of this URI is defined by the binding of Addressing to a 
specific protocol."

WS-Addressing SOAP binding [2] defines what the 'anon' address means 
when used with ReplyTo and FaultTo in SOAP and SOAP/HTTP binding. It 
does not say anything about what it means when used in other headers 
such as AcksTo.


WSRM defines AcksTo element of type EndpointReferenceType and allows 
'anon' URI for the address. But the meaning of such an anon address is 
not defined anywhere.


core, soap




This can be resolved by:

a) Adding a stmt similar to WS-Addressing SOAP binding. Something like:

"When "http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing/anonymous"; is specified as 
the address of the wsrm:AcksTo EPR, the underlying SOAP protocol binding 
provides a channel to the specified endpoint. Any underlying protocol 
binding supporting the SOAP request-response message exchange pattern 
provides such a channel. For instance, the SOAP 1.2 HTTP binding[SOAP 
1.2 Part 2: Adjuncts] puts the reply message in the HTTP response."


b) we could ask the WS-Addressing WG to fix their SOAP binding to 
include not just ReplyTo and FaultTo EPRs but any EPR when used in the 
context of SOAP/HTTP binding.

I prefer that we do (b). If they refuse, we can do (a)

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