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Subject: Re: [ws-rx] Formal proposal issue i025


This seems more convoluted than necessary.

As I believe has been asked before on this list, why not change the 
schema to include minOccurs=0 for 
SequenceAcknowledgement/AcknowledgementRange? If the 
SequenceAcknowledgement could explicitly say "nobody behind this 
curtain", we could avoid using invalid Upper and Lower values. That is, 
Upper and Lower are currently explicitly defined to describe an 
inclusive range of contiguous message numbers known to the RMD. The 
MessageNumber element values "start at 1".

Note that no words are necessary to disallow Upper or Lower values of 0 
due to the above connections. I am not sure the "empty" 
SequenceAcknowledgement option would require more than a few words to 
make its meaning clear.


On 14/09/05 07:48, Christopher B Ferris wrote:

>Here's a more formal proposal for resolution of issue i025 [1].
>Append the following paragraph after line 437 in the spec:
>In the event that a RM Destination receives an AckRequested header 
>identifying a Sequence 
>for which the RM Destination has not received any messages, then the 
>element in the corresponding SequenceAcknowledgement message to the RM 
>Source MUST
>include an AcknowledgementRange element with both the Upper and Lower 
>attribute each 
>containing a value of "0".
>Example of a SequenceAcknowledgement message for a Sequence for which the 
>RM Destination
>has not received any messages.
>  <wsrm:Identifier>http://example.org/mysequence/1234</wsrm:Identifier>
>  <wsrm:AcknowledgementRange Upper="0" Lower="0">
>Christopher Ferris
>STSM, Emerging e-business Industry Architecture
>email: chrisfer@us.ibm.com
>blog: http://webpages.charter.net/chrisfer/blog.html
>phone: +1 508 377 9295

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