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ws-rx message

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Subject: Issue i024

This is in response to Sanjay's note asking for a proposal for issue i024.
In this case, though, what we are asking for may be a clarification and not a change.

The WS-RM Policy spec defines a RM assertion.  It also specifies how this assertion
may be attached to WSDL.  What is does not specify is the motivation behind the
assertion, how it is used and the messages it applies to.  We would like this clarified.

It is clear that the RM assertion is an 'informational assertion' in that it is a 
property of the sequence and not a property of the messages in the sequence.  As such,
it does not make sense for each message to include this information.

Second, policy information is meant to be conveyed by one party in a conversation to
the other.  In this case, the assertion seems to specify implementation parameters
that may be private to the RMS or the RMD.  If so, it does not need to be part of the

If, indeed, the RM assertion is to be conveyed from the RMS to the RMD it can be
done as a header in the CreateSequence message.  The RMD can respond with a header 
in the CreateSequenceResponse by agreeing, disagreeing or making a counter proposal.

If the RM assertion has to be conveyed from the RMD to the RMS, this has to be done
before the CreateSequence message and requires a new protocol element.

All the best, Ashok

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