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Subject: i010 - a proposal

(oops - I meant to hit send a couple of days ago)

I took an AI to write up a formal proposal for issue 10:

Issue 10, as stated, deals with whether or not a single RM sequence can span multiple ports.  Looking at this issue some more though I believe the broader issue is really whether a single RM sequence can span multiple endpoints as well.  Should the RM spec limit a single RM sequence to just a single RM Source and RM Destination or should it leave it up to the implementation to decide?  I believe it should leave it up to the various implementations.  If an implmentation is smart enough to share RM state across multiple endpoints then there is no reason why a single sequence could not be used to deliver messages to all of them (and to be clear I do see multiple RMSs and RMDs being an option).  So, with that mind I'd like to propose the following changes to the specs:

Using this version of the RM spec: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ws-rx/download.php/14548/wsrm-1.1-spec-wd-03.pdf
Line 80:
        remove the word "exactly" in the
      sentence "...delivery of messages between exactly two parties,..."

To the end of line 439 add:
        This specification makes no restriction of the plurality of the
      RM Source or RM Destination.  If implementations can support
      a single RM Sequence spanning multiple WSDL ports or even
      multiple service endpoints then they are free to do so.  However,
      it is out of scope for this specification to define how this
      ability is communicated or achieved.

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