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Subject: Issue list updated - rev 30

The issues list has been updated from the March 1st call as revision 30. This one also has a large number of issued moved to closed status as it has been updated to reflect the status change from both CD2 and CD3.







Added issues:

i096, i097, i098, i099, i100, i101


Updated issues:

Tracked proposal: i021

Pending: i097, i100

Done: i061

Closed: i010, i022, i024, i030, i037, i038, i041, i043, i044, i047, i048, i050, i051, i053, i054, i055, i057, i058, i059, i060, i062, i063, i064, i065, i066, i067, i068, i068, i070, i071, i072, i073, i075, i076, i078, i079, i080, i081, i082, i083, i084, i085, i086, i087, i088, i091, i092, i093, i094, i095



Marc Goodner

Technical Diplomat

Microsoft Corporation

Tel: (425) 703-1903

Blog: http://spaces.msn.com/mrgoodner/


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