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Subject: CD3 available

  ok, brace yourselves for this one....  in trying to prepare CD3, the latest version of OpenOffice would not behave itself.  I could not get it to produce the correct line numbering.  Every time I did something it would randomly change them.  I finally gave up and went back to the previous version of OO to produce the PDFs.  Now, here's the catch, in order to go back I had to tell OO to save the docs in the old OO format.  Technically, there could be something that the old format did not support but I don't think there was.  In looking over the docs I didn't notice anything wrong so I published the PDF files generated from the old OO.
  I've made CD3 available on the public home page and made CD2 and CD3 available under our CD folder.  The docs/artifacts have been sent to the oasis staff for uploading to the proper namespace URL but aren't there yet - I'll let you know when they're ready.  Nor are the RDDL files ready - soon though.
  The editors will work on this OO issue so that we don't run into this problem in the future.

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