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Subject: Fw: [ws-rx] NEW ISSUE: Mixing of SOAP and WS-A versions

I can see that there might be some merit in allowing a mixture of SOAP 1.1
and SOAP 1.2 requests to go down the same sequence. But if so, don't the
rules need to be spelt out? If the RMD is generating a Fault how does it
know whether to use SOAP 1.1 or SOAP 1.2? Or is it free to choose either at
its own discretion?

Peter Niblett
IBM Senior Technical Staff Member

Richard Salz <rsalz@us.ibm.com> wrote on 22/03/2006 15:43:20:

> > Suppose the RMS starts a sequence in SOAP 1.2. The RMD may initiate
> > messages (e.g. SequenceAcknowledgement). Those could be in SOAP 1.1.
> > Should we allow mixing SOAP types? Probably not. We could recommend
> > that the SOAP style in place for the CS should used for the rest of
> > the sequence.
> Seems to me that this is more appropriate for WS-I profiles.
> I can't see why RM cares about the envelope namespace.
> Anaerobically yours,
>         /r$
> --
> SOA Appliance Group
> IBM Application Integration Middleware

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