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Subject: [NEW ISSUE] Add Max Msg Num to CSR

Title: Add Max Msg Num to CSR

The createSeq/createSeqRes handshake already passes back the AckInterval which can be useful information to the RMS.  Knowing the max msg number that the RMD will support could also prove useful since not all impls will support the large # we mention in the spec.  

By the RMS knowing this information it may choose to use it to avoid getting the Message Number Rollover Fault and be able to deal with this situation in a much more graceful manner.

Target: core design


On the CSR add as an optional sibling to AckInterval:

Pseudo-schema (changes in bold):
<wsrm:CreateSequenceResponse ...>
    <wsrm:Identifier ...> xs:anyURI </wsrm:Identifier>
    <wsrm:Expires> xs:duration </wsrm:Expires> ?
    <wsrm:AcknowledgementInterval Milliseconds="xs:unsignedLong" ... /> ?
    <wsrm:MaxMessageNumber> wsrm:MessageNumberType </wsrm:MaxMessageNumber> ?
    <wsrm:Accept ...>
        <wsrm:AcksTo ...> wsa:EndpointReferenceType </wsrm:AcksTo>
    </wsrm:Accept> ?

and add...
This element, if present, specifies the largest message number that the RM Destination will accept for the specified Sequence. If omitted, the implied value is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.

Update schema accordingly.

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