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Subject: Revised proposal #2 for i122 - i124

This update is easy to understand but includes some important tweeks that have been discussed on the list.  Redlines are from the last revision of this proposal posted on June 21st.



First the observation Sanjay made that the header does not make any sense as mU=false has been addressed, the header now must be mU=true.



I also added a reference to the SC section (I used the contributed version rather than the SX TC editor draft) that describes the use of an STR in a message body to address Prateek’s concern that the RX TC not invent new mechanisms. The concern Gil mentioned that there should be advice to favor a message independent reference over a local reference has also been added.



Other than that I corrected a few 2119 terms that were not in caps.


(Sorry if this is a dupe, I forgot the subject line and the OASIS mailer said it bounced)

Securing RM Sequences - 060706.doc

Securing RM Sequences - 060706.pdf

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