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Subject: Final proposal for i121

Attached is the final proposal for i121. There are some editorial
differences between what was discussed on concall and presented in the
chat room:

1.) There were a number of additional references to encryption. These
have been elided from the proposal.

2.) The final wording for bullet 2 of is as follows:

During the CreateSequence exchange, the RM Source SHOULD explicitly
identify the security context that will be used to protect the Sequence.
This is done so that, in cases where the CreateSequence message is
signed by more than one security context, the RM Source can indicate
which security context should be used to protect the newly created

This eliminates the annoying double-use of the word 'explicit' and
clarifies when the RM Source is supposed to identify the appropriate
security context.

If anyone has any objections to these changes we can return to exactly
what was agreed on during the concall and raise them as separate
editorial issues.

- gp




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