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Subject: Agenda RSP WG 2006-07-17 14:30 EDT

I have been waiting for activity on the list prior to issuing this agenda with hopes that we would have more material.

There has been alarmingly little activity.



Call to order: 14:30 EDT

Roll call

Scribe selection Scribe list at http://members.ws-i.org/dman/Document.phx?documentId=ty19806111123281

Agenda review

Approval of minutes from 2006-07-17 meeting

Review of open action items http://members.ws-i.org/dman/Document.phx?documentId=fd19806111045171

Topic: Goodner: Review of draft requirements statement status

Topic: Call for assistance in completing r/r scenarios for requirements document

Adjourn prior to 15:55 EDT



As always, our meeting details in the WS-I calendar http://members.ws-i.org/eman/ShowEvent.phx?eid=eman.484





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