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Subject: State tables rev of July 25

I have incorporated the results of the resolution last meeting to the message number rollover discussion.

We will need to update these tables when there is a resolution to the expiry issue which hopefully will occur this week.



There has also been an attempt made to incorporate the results of make connection to fulfill my action item on that subject.

Since Make Connection is not related solely to a specific sequence, it did not fit into the fabric of the other state tables previously submitted.

I chose to add a couple more tables to demonstrate a simplistic underlying message transfer engine.  Section 3.7 is not clear (to me) as to what conditions cause the initiation of polling, what might trigger a specific poll (interval or event), or how long such polling might continue.

I also do not see what the negative response to a poll might be and what the RMD might do upon receipt of the negative (or non) response.

So please take it for now for discussion and hopefully out of the fire there might be found an answer or two.


Other changes:

There has been a new event added to the RMD table indicating the receipt of an invalid acknowledgement fault.  In Section 4 the fault is described but I cannot locate what its implications might be.


New Question.

All of the blank cells in the table are unspecified behavior in the specification.  Should they be filled with “generate Sequence Terminated Fault”?






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