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Subject: RE: [ws-rx] re: issue 143, new proposal



That is more consistent.


3 minor suggestions that make the proposal even shorter:


- successfully accepted à accepted, and: successful acceptance à acceptance  (L146, L147, L201, L305)

- “Receive” definition can be shorter: The act of reading a message from a network connection and accepting it.

- I’d say no need to change “receive” into “accept” in section 3.6, as receive is OK there and more intuitive. (“accept” is only needed where a specific RMD behavior is required, as I understood it)





From: Bob Freund-Hitachi [mailto:bob.freund@hitachisoftware.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 1:59 PM
To: [WS-RX]
Subject: [ws-rx] re: issue 143, new proposal


New proposal for issue 143

I understood the sense of the meeting to be more agreeable to the definition of the word accept and then its appropriate use.

I have used initial caps in the legal manner, however I is not my intention that this remain so.  It is writ thus for emphasis.



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