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Subject: Ballots for CD4/PR on 8/17

Title: Ballots for CD4/PR on 8/17

Thanks to our Editors Team for meeting the schedule and producing the next revision of the specifications (adopting the editorial and other issues closed on the 8/10 conf-call). This revision is now the candidate for CD4 and also the candidate for PR (based on its approval as CD).

As per our plan, we will be conducting ballots on the next conf-call (8/17):
- For accepting the candidate CD4 as CD4
- For accepting the CD4 as our first PR drafts (assuming the previous ballot succeeds)

The candidate CD4 drafts are available at - http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/19691/WSRM-CD4.zip. Please review and come prepared with your vote to the conf-call on 8/17.

-- Sanjay

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