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Subject: Interop2 Planning Questions


Since we may be close to a PR cycle now, this would be a good time to
ramp up our activities for the next Interop - Interop2. The high level
goals of the Interop2 would be to: 
1> Conduct more comprehensive interop testing, which may require adding
scenarios to cover the new functionality (beyond the scope of Interop1),
and expand the previous scenarios to include additional cases such as
time latency, other fault conditions, etc.
2> Broaden the participation and involve more TC member companies.

Here is the Interop2 timeline that was discussed on a previous call
9/11 Interop2 scenarios ready
9/25 Start interop
10/2 Virtual interop day 1
10/3 Virtual interop day 2
10/6 End interop

On the last call (8/10), concerns were raised about whether this
timeline leaves sufficient time for preparing implementations, etc.  Let
us try to hash out some of these details on the list before this week's
call. The key questions in this regard include:
a> Who is going to participate?
b> When will the new interop scenarios be ready?
c> How much time the participants need between scenarios being ready and
being able to start testing the endpoints? The current assumption is to
conduct Interop remotely. If anybody feels otherwise, please chime in.
D> Is a phased interop a good idea? Old scenarios for phase one and new
scenarios for phase two. 

-- Sanjay

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