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Subject: TC Schedule Proposal

Title: TC Schedule Proposal

Assuming that the ballot for PR approval succeeds on the call today (8/17), I propose the following TC schedule for the rest of the year:

    8/17 conf-call - CD4 is approved for PR
    8/21 - PR begins
    [TC continues to meet and discuss resolution of PR comments]
    10/19 PR ends
    10/19 conf-call Disposition of all PR comments
    [If PR comments lead to substantive changes]
    10/20 Candidate CD5 ready
    10/26 conf-call - Approval of CD5 and PR II
    10/30 PR II begins
    11/13 PR II ends

    [Assuming no substantive changes]
    11/16 conf-call Resolution to promote CD5 to CS/OASIS Standard
    11/20 to 11/27 Approval of CS and resolution to promote it as OASIS Standard
    12/15 to 12/31 TC Admin preparation period
    1/1 to 1/15 OASIS membership familiarization
    1/16 to 1/31 OASIS membership voting

If we find that the second PR is not needed, then the schedule would be compacted by about 3 weeks.

I think the TC can slow down to bi-weekly calls for a while and  resume the weekly calls towards the end. Based on that, the call schedule would look like:

9/7, 9/21, 10/5, 10/19 <-- shift to weekly --> 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16

The Interop2 participants may want to continue using the weekly time slot. On those  dates when the main TC also meets, the Interop team can share the call time with the main TC.


-- Sanjay

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