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Subject: Prelim minutes of 8/17 teleconf

Title: Minutes of OASIS WS-RX Teleconference

Prelim Minutes of OASIS WS-RX Teleconference

Aug 17, 2006


Start Time:4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Sanjay acted as chair.


Textual Conventions


Ø  Action Item


§    Resolution


1         Roll Call

From Kavi:


Over 25 of 46 voting members, meeting is quorate


Tom Rutt agreed to take minutes.

2         Agenda Approval


1) Roll Call


2) Review and approval of the agenda


3) Approval of the Aug 10, 2006 meeting minutes



4) AI Review



5) Ballot for Approval of candidate Committee Drafts 4 (CD4) as CD4

Candidate CD4 are at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/19691/WSRM-CD4.zip


6) Ballot for Approval of CD4 for Public Review (PR)


7) Public Review

a> Recap of the PR process. See section 3.2 of the OASIS TC Process at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process_2005_08_09.pdf


b> Subscription to the public comments list



c> PR Issue Tracking


8) TC schedule for rest of the year

Watch for a separate email from Sanjay


9) New issues since last conf-call


10) Interop2 Planning



11) Issue Discussion

New accepted issues, if any.


12) Any other business


No objections to agenda approval


3         Approval of the 8/10 Minutes;




Marc G moved to approved 8/10 minutes, Gil seconded.


§    No objections, minutes of 8/10 approved.

4         AI Review



#0102: Marc G will prepare to start an issues list for Public review comments

Owner: Marc Goodner

Status: Open

Assigned: 2006-05-22

Due: ---


Marc: I have started, and intend to have something up by next week’s call.  I can track the public comments as they come in.



5         Ballot for Approval of candidate Committee Drafts 4 (CD4) as CD4

Candidate CD4 were posted before hand at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/19691/WSRM-CD4.zip


Sanjay: the current zip does not include an html version.  I suggest we use the cd4 link. http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/19802/WSRM-CD4.zip


Paul C: the HTML file does not look good.  The font size in status section is small, all standalone url is in small size.  Examples have lost indentation. 


Sanjay: the text is correct, I suggest we use the latest URL above for the vote..



27  Yes

0   No

 0  Abstain


§    Ballot has succeeded, CD4 has been approved with full majority vote of TC..


6         Ballot for Approval of CD4 for Public Review (PR)


Chris F moves, Paul C seconded to conduct ballot of CD4 for public Review.


No discussion.



Chair asked for any changes from CD4 vote.  None received.


27 yes

0 no

0 abstain


§    By full majority vote CD4 is approved for Public Review.


7         Public Review

7.1      a> Recap of the PR process.

See section 3.2 of the OASIS TC Process at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process_2005_08_09.pdf


Mary OASIS Staff::  Once TC votes for pubic review, Sanjay sends copy of minutes with that motion noted.  Then the announcement will be mad on the OASIS web site.  The public review is for 60 days.


During review period the spec cannot be changed.   Any comment resolutions may recorded within informal editors drafts.


At end of 60 days, the status may be:

No changes.

Some changes.


The TC determines if the changes are substantive.  If substantive, another 15 day minimum PR is required, with detailed change indications.  If not substantivive, the new CD is voted on an posted for Committee Specification.


Mary: I will also ask for any IPR disclosures during the time of Public review.


Mary: I can get the Public review notice out on Monday, if not sooner.

7.2      b> Subscription to the public comments list



Sanjay: the list is functioning, and members should monitor this list.


Martin C: are all issues going to be on a PR issues list before we dispose with them.


Sanjay: Marc G is setting up a PR issues list for this purpose.


Martin C: will the discussion be on the public list or just the tc list.


Sanjay: use the tc list for communications of proposed resolutions.


There was discussion on how to handle multiple comments in one email.  In such case Marc G might have to contact the submitter.


Marc G: to facilitate discussion on TC list, I will start thread on TC alias.


Jacques: we might allow dialogue on public list, to ensure that the comments are understood.


Sanjay: It might be better to have TC decide on such clarifications.


Jacques: Once clarification has been


Tom: should we send notice of our pubic review to any other groups.


Paul C: the WSI RSP group should be noticed.  Also WS-Secure Conversation should be notified.


Sanjay: we should use the mail list to determine what groups we should notify about the public review.


Ian Jones: we need a limited amount of response to the public comments list.


7.3      c> PR Issue Tracking


covered in discussion of b in 7.2 above.

8         TC schedule for rest of the year

Watch for a separate email from Sanjay


Title: TC Schedule Proposal


Assuming that the ballot for PR approval succeeds on the call today (8/17), I propose the following TC schedule for the rest of the year:


    8/17 conf-call - CD4 is approved for PR

    8/21 - PR begins

    [TC continues to meet and discuss resolution of PR comments]

    10/19 – PR ends

    10/19 conf-call – Disposition of all PR comments


    [If PR comments lead to substantive changes]

    10/20 – Candidate CD5 ready

    10/26 conf-call - Approval of CD5 and PR II

    10/30 – PR II begins

    11/13 – PR II ends


    [Assuming no substantive changes]

    11/16 conf-call – Resolution to promote CD5 to CS/OASIS Standard

    11/20 to 11/27 – Approval of CS and resolution to promote it as OASIS Standard

    12/15 to 12/31 – TC Admin preparation period

    1/1 to 1/15 – OASIS membership familiarization

    1/16 to 1/31 – OASIS membership voting


If we find that the second PR is not needed, then the schedule would be compacted by about 3 weeks.


I think the TC can slow down to bi-weekly calls for a while and resume the weekly calls towards the end. Based on that, the call schedule would look like:


9/7, 9/21, 10/5, 10/19 <-- shift to weekly --> 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16


The Interop2 participants may want to continue using the weekly time slot. On those  dates when the main TC also meets, the Interop team can share the call time with the main TC.


Sanjay presented proposed schedule as in the email above.


Martin C: some TCs schedule f2f as way to dispose of PR comments.  This can be cancelled if no PR comments are received.


Sanjay: we can think about a F2F, after we see how many PR comments are received.


Agreed as plan for record for TC.

9         New issues since last conf-call


None received.

1         Interop2 Planning



Key questions were asked by Sanjay to TC.


Glen D: what is timeline, if affects our answers.


Sanjay: the timeline is flexible.  The interop is planned to be virtual.

Which members will participate in second interop round:


Sonic, within scheduling bounds






Oracle, depending on schedules.


Microsoft: it depends on the particular scenarios picked for the second round testing.


Sanjay: I would like to invite other members to participate.


Sanjay: Is a phased interop better, or should be wait for a single interop after scenarios are finalized.  Phased is more flexible, because it gets interop going sooner.


Paul C: I assume you want interop  to close at same time as PR closure.  To plan schedule, suggest we back from that, to propose start dates.


Sanjay: PR second round begins in last week October.   That means phase 2 ends by then.  Phase 1 should end sooner.  A pacing item is when we have the new scenarios for phase 2 (which requires discussions).


Marc G: I am concerned about time for scenarios.  The phase 1 scenarios are not ready to go, we have to update them against the current version of the spec.  I can work on that soon.  Also it needs to be targeted as earlier than end of October.  Virtual interops tend to take longer to get going.


Sanjay: I agree it should be done earlier. 


Marc G: the virtual interops take longer than one week, typically.  Some join later.


Sanjay: Phase 1 scenarios updated, the produce phase 2 scenarios.


Mark G Need to update first round scenariaos.


Sanjay: perhaps we can go to Bi weekly calls during PR period.  Next call on Sep 7, with bi-weekly until October.


Paul C: I can support that.


Sanjay: anyone opposed to Sep 7 call for next meeting.


No opposition, Sep 7 agreed for next meeting.  With Bi weekly therafter until sometime in October..


Sanjay: we will continue to have weekly interop call, not required for voting status.

2         Issue Discussion


3         Any other business


Meeting adjourned at 5:03 PM.

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