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Subject: PR001 - new MC spec direction

On last week's call we were asked to write up something that would describe the scope/details of the proposal we made w.r.t. moving MakeConnection into a new spec.  I think the text below should cover that.

Proposal: Move MakeConnection into a new specification

Move the MakeConnection (and related portions of the RM spec) into a new specification that will be developed by the WS-RX TC.  The overall scope of the TC itself will remain the same. The scope of this new specification will be limited to the development of a mechanism that will establish a transport-specific back-channel.  This back-channel will be used in situations where an anonymous URI is used as the destination EPR for messages and there is no existing/appropriate back-channel available.  The specification will try to address the use-cases that have be identified during the recently discussions in the WS-RX TC.  These include:

- Attempt to not restrict the RM processing model choices when switching from async to sync MEPs

- Support for multiple endpoints behind a virtual RM processor

- Support for gateway scenarios (on RMS and RMD)

- Support for allowing an RMS to advertise its support for MC

- Support for allowing an RMD to advertise its intention to use MC

- Support for anonymous AcksTo (in particular for the Sequence Faults)

- Support for unreliable-in/reliable out scenarios

- Retain the notion of the RMS being the initiator of new Sequences

- Support for uniquely identifying anonymous endpoints

As this specification will compose on top of the base WS-RM specification, the base WS-RM specification's issues will be prioritize over the MC issues.  The list of PR issues that this new specification will address are:

i001   WS-Addressing comment on ws-rm related to use of extended anonymous uri  ws-rm  design  *  

i015   RMD polling  ws-rm, ws-rmp  design  
i027  Where do Sequence Faults go when the RMS is anonymous  ws-rm  design  
i028  MakeConnection preconditions are unclear  ws-rm  design  
i029  Opaqueness of URI identifiers not preserved by RM anon URI  ws-rm  design  
i030  Facilities to support optional MakeConnection underspecified  ws-rm  design  
i031  Scope of MakeConnection is unconstrained  ws-rm  design  


STSM | Web Services Architect | IBM Software Group
(919) 254-6905 | IBM T/L 444-6906 | dug@us.ibm.com

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