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Subject: Re: [ws-sx] WS-SX TC Minutes, Jan 25 2006

Hi Paul-- Just a minor correction:

Paul Cotton wrote:
> WS-SX TC Minutes, Jan 25 2006
> b) Moving the documents to Committee Draft, Eve Maler
> Eve asked what criteria the TC was going to use to create a CD for the
> SX specs.  Eve explained she wanted to motivate people to review the
> specs and raise issues. 
> Tony noted that we don't yet have the charter finalized.  Tony also said
> IBM has quite a few issues to raise and thinks it is too early to go to
> CD status.  Tony said that he thinks that the TC needs time to review
> the documents and does not want to create an appearance of "rubber
> stamping".
> Heather Hinton suggested that we have an interop first before going to
> CD.
> Tony suggested doing an interop at the April F2F.
> Kelvin Lawrence explained that WSS had previously done interop before
> going to CD.  Is this what this TC wants to do?
> Marc Goodner agreed with Eve that the specs have been out for a long
> time.  He also suggested that having a CD as the basis of an interop is
> a good idea.  Marc volunteered to work on interop scenarios.
> ACTION 2005-01-25-02 Marc Goodner to work on an initial interop
> scenarios document.  Prateek Mishra also offered to help.
> Marc offered to do an initial draft for SC/Trust by Feb 15 and for
> SecurityPolicy by the end of February.
> Rob Philpot suggested that there is a lower bar for CD's under the new
> OASIS process.
> Tony Nadalin asked if Marc was volunteering to work on use cases.  Marc
> said no.  Heather Hinton and Tony offered to provide a use cases
> document.  Prateek Mishra offered to help with both interop scenarios
> and use cases.
> ACTION 2005-01-25-03 Heather Hinton and Tony Nadalin to work on an
> initial use cases document.  Prateek Mishra also offered to help.
> Heather offered to deliver use cases by the end of February although she
> said they might be able to provided intermediate progress before that.
> Kelvin asked if the TC had a plan for when it could do an interop?  Eve
> said that the TC members would have to be informed by the interop
> documents.
> Eve said the interop event does not have to F2F.  Tony note that
> distributed testing is easier if the testing is more limited.
> Paul Cotton pointed out that Mar standards calendar is very busy and
> scheduling an interop F2F in March will be very difficult.
> Eve Maler and Prateek Mishra were skeptical of being ready to do interop
> at the April F2F meeting.

I don't recall expressing this -- just that it's hard to assess my 
company's readiness until we see the scenarios intended to be 
tested.  I was, however, skeptical of using the F2F for interop 
testing due to site scheduling resource constraints (which you touch 
on above), and pointed out that Internet-based testing could work 
nearly as well and have no such dependencies.

> ACTION 2005-01-25-04 Tony Nadalin will look into the possibility of
> hosting an interop event at the April F2F location
> ...


Eve Maler                                         +1 425 947 4522
Technology Director                           eve.maler @ sun.com
CTO Business Alliances group                Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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