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Subject: [VER 2] WS-SX TC Minutes, Apr 19 2006

WS-SX TC Minutes, Apr 19 2006

[VER 2] Added roll call.
Summary of new Action Items:
1. Call to order/roll call
Jong Lee  BEA Systems, Inc.*  
Hal Lockhart  BEA Systems, Inc.*  
Denis Pilipchuk  BEA Systems, Inc.*  
Corinna Witt  BEA Systems, Inc.*  
Symon Chang  Blue Titan Software*  
Jonathan Anderson  Booz Allen Hamilton*  
Rich Levinson  CA*  
Yakov Sverdlov  CA*  
Dana Kaufman  Forum Systems, Inc.*  
Toshihiro Nishimura  Fujitsu Limited*  
Irving Reid  Hewlett-Packard*  
Greg Whitehead  Hewlett-Packard*  
Ching-Yun (C.Y.) Chao  IBM*  
Henry (Hyenvui) Chung  IBM*  
Heather Hinton  IBM*  
Kelvin Lawrence  IBM*  
Michael McIntosh  IBM*  
Anthony Nadalin  IBM*  
Kate Cherry  Lockheed Martin*  
Jan Alexander  Microsoft Corporation*  
Colleen Evans  Microsoft Corporation*  
Mark Fussell  Microsoft Corporation*  
Vijay Gajjala  Microsoft Corporation*  
Marc Goodner  Microsoft Corporation*  
Martin Gudgin  Microsoft Corporation*  
Chris Kaler  Microsoft Corporation*  
Jonathan Marsh  Microsoft Corporation*  
Asir Vedamuthu  Microsoft Corporation*  
Frederick Hirsch  Nokia Corporation*  
Ashok Malhotra  Oracle Corporation* 
Prateek Mishra  Oracle Corporation* 
Alex Hristov  Otecia Incorporated* 
John Hughes*  PA Consulting* 
Martin Raepple  SAP AG* 
Tony Gullotta  SOA Software Inc.* 
Hubert Le Van Gong  Sun Microsystems* 
Don Adams  Tibco Software Inc.*
2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting (Apr 12)
Adopted unanimously.
3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)
4. Issues list
a) Review of action items
AI-2006-03-29-01 - Gudge owes Prateek a response (to message 82) for issue 33.
Expected by Apr. 28, in time for call on May 3rd.
AI-2006-03-29-04 - Marc Goodner to update interop doc with resolution of issue 47 as part of merged interop doc.
Part of merge for May 3rd.
AI-2006-04-04-01 - Chris Kaler to provide advice on minimum acceptable lengths of P-SHA1 inputs for Issue 20.
AI-2006-04-04-03 - Tony Nadalin to identify possible issues for SecurityPolicy based on the changes proposed for Issue 52.
In progress.
AI-2006-04-04-04 - Jan Alexander and Martin Gudgin to identify possible issues for SecurityPolicy based on creation of the NoProofKey proposed in the solution to Issue 56.
AI-2006-04-04-05 - Jan Alexander and Tony Nadalin to identify possible issues for WS-Trust's processing model for the changes made for Issue 57.
In progress.
AI-2006-04-04-06 - Jan Alexander to start a discussion about security considerations and a section about what this means for relying parties re the proposal adopted for Issue 060.
Pending. Should be done by next meeting.
AI-2006-04-04-07 - Marc Goodner with help from Prateek Mishra to create a merged interop scenarios document.
In progress.
AI-2006-04-04-08 - Marc Goodner with help from Prateek Mishra to document interop message flows based on a future revised version of SC/Trust.
In progress. 
Pratreek will post an update of the additional interop scenarios with complete flows today.
This will then be merged with the existing interop scenarios.
AI-2006-04-04-09 - Chairs to check with absent companies on their plans for SC/Trust interop.
In progress.
AI-2006-04-05-02 - Gudge to propose revised text for the description of sp:BootstrapPolicy for issue 53.
AI-2006-04-05-03 - Tony N and Frederick to consider adding batch facilities to SecureConversation as per Issue 64.
AI-2006-04-05-04 - Chairs to do further work on a F2F meeting time and location.
In progress.
One possible alternative to previous discussion is October.
Please provide any conflicts with a F2F in October to Chris and Kelvin.
AI-2006-04-12-01 - Prateek to review the text added per Issue 30 to see if its explains sufficiently how to use the extensibility of SP to describe token characteristics (related to Issue 31).
AI-2006-04-12-02 - Symon Chang to make a proposal on how to describe the usage of the Username token re Issue 31.
In progress.
b) Issues in Review status
i041 - Clarification on token propagation of SCT required
i061 - Add wsc:Length attribute to the Implied derived key
i044 - What is an authorization token?
i052 - Add single request for multiple tokens
i056 - Add new Bearer Token KeyType
i057 - Final protocol message should always be an RSTRC
i058 - Validate binding should have a ValidateTarget
i059 - Final protocol message should have a distinct action
i060 - New binding for STS starting the token cancellation process
c) New issues
i067 - Resolving Policies if more than one SecureConversationToken is present
Accepted, assigned to Venu.
d) Active issues
i004 - Transitive closure spec dependencies
In progress.
i008 - Need well formed XML examples
In progress.
i020 - Describe minimum acceptable lengths for P_SHA1 inputs
Accepted, marked as pending.
Note: issue is on Trust and SC.
i031 - Clarification for UsernameToken assertion
Left for list discussion.
i033 - Identify security header components that are signed and/or encrypted
Pending AI-2006-03-29-01.
i048 - Binding Assertions should support Operation subjects
New proposals
From Tony G:
From Tony N:
Resolving to set one scope at a time. Need more work on the wording.
Need at least another week, should close on next weeks call.
i053 - Message parts to be protected using BootstrapPolicy
New proposal from Gudge:
Accepted, marked as pending.
i055 - Clarification on RequireDerivedKeys and X509Token under AsymmetricBinding
i064 - Should SecureConversation support batch semantics as created by Issue 52?
i065 - Permitting requestors to avoid recieving cancel messages
i066 - SecurityPolicy use cases
Assigned to Ashook.
f) Pending issues
i016 - sp:SignedParts mechanism
i018 - absolute XPath expressions
i030 - Need a mechanism to identify token assertions
i043 - Missing enumeration for validate request type in the RequestTypeEnumdefinition
i047 - Does IssuedTokenOverTransport require client-side digital signature?
i051 - sp:RequireDerivedKeys is underspecified
i063 - Error in the WS-SecurityPolicy Schema
Next SP update expected for Apr 28th.
5. AOB
6. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 7:30 AM PST.

Marc Goodner
Technical Diplomat
Microsoft Corporation
Tel: (425) 703-1903
Blog: http://spaces.msn.com/mrgoodner/ 

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