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Subject: [VER 2] WS-SX TC Minutes, August 9 2006


WS-SX TC Minutes, August 9 2006


Summary of new Action Items:



1. Call to order/roll call



Name Company

Jong Lee    BEA Systems, Inc.*

Denis Pilipchuk   BEA Systems, Inc.*

Corinna Witt      BEA Systems, Inc.*

Yakov Sverdlov    CA*

Dana Kaufman      Forum Systems, Inc.*

Toshihiro Nishimura     Fujitsu Limited*

Greg Whitehead    Hewlett-Packard*

Ching-Yun (C.Y.) Chao   IBM*

Henry (Hyenvui) Chung   IBM*

Heather Hinton    IBM*

Kelvin Lawrence   IBM*

Anthony Nadalin   IBM*

Ron Williams      IBM*

Greg Carpenter    Microsoft Corporation*

Paul Cotton       Microsoft Corporation*

Colleen Evans     Microsoft Corporation*

Mark Fussell      Microsoft Corporation*

Marc Goodner      Microsoft Corporation*

Martin Gudgin     Microsoft Corporation*

Chris Kaler       Microsoft Corporation*

Jonathan Marsh    Microsoft Corporation*

Asir Vedamuthu    Microsoft Corporation*

Norman Brickman   Mitre Corporation*

Frederick Hirsch Nokia Corporation*

Lloyd Burch       Novell*

Steve Carter      Novell*

Rich Levinson     Oracle Corporation*

Ashok Malhotra    Oracle Corporation*

Prateek Mishra    Oracle Corporation*

Alex Hristov      Otecia Incorporated*

Martin Raepple    SAP AG*

Tony Gullotta     SOA Software Inc.*

Jiandong Guo      Sun Microsystems*

Don Adams   Tibco Software Inc.*

Ruchith Fernando WSO2*


Status changes:

Dana Kauffman,  Forum Systems, Inc.*  gained voting status


2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting (August 2)



Adopted unanimously.


3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)

Concern over lack of email archives.

Chairs indicate that OASIS has said they are capturing email traffic and will update archives accordingly.

Marc Goodner indicated that he may not be able to go back and retroactively update minutes, issue list when these links become available.


Suggestion to move F2F out several months from current plan, instead of October suggested first week of December.

Will make decision on next TC call.


The TC has no conference call hosts beyond next week.

Please contact Kelvin if you can sponsor a call.


4. Interop status


There are five companies actively participating. We have seen interop between 3 companies on 4 of the scenarios, and with the rest on 2 to 3 of the scenarios.


Marc has collected feedback from participants and will be validating a report on the results soon. After confirmation the results will be anonymized and reported back to the TC.


Note that the interop has been running for some time, some companies have already announced that they will be ending support for their endpoints soon. There may still be more companies coming online with public (as opposed to private) endpoints soon.


5. Issues list



a) Review of action items

AI-2006-04-04-08 - Marc Goodner with help from Prateek Mishra to document interop message flows based on the current version of SC/Trust.


Question to Frederick on his suggested changes

1.  Editorial changes, suggest picking up these changes.

2.  SP, need to decide as a TC.

3.  Questions, these don’t prevent work on the other items.


Frederick will open issues on the open questions above.

Suggestion to open an issue on SP for interop, hold for incorporating for next interop round as we are not testing SP in this round.


b) Issues in Review status





c) New issues

i099 - The <IssuedTokens> Element is not used by WS-SC

Accept, assigned Hal as owner.


i100 - Lack of Rationale for choices of Authentication for WS-SC

Accept, assigned Hal as owner.


i101 - Need additional SamlToken Assertion Elements for Holder-of-Key and Sender-Vouches


No way to construct type of assertion to represent token. There is also suggestion to add bearer token, but these should be handled later.

Hadn’t the TC previously decided to leave specification of XML token assertions to active committees when they still exist.

Not sure that the SAML TC is scoping to handle this.

Why isn’t sender vouchers covered by signed supporting tokens, holder of key would be handled by endorsing.

Has not been analyzed.

There are many things that tell you enough to understand which type of SAML assertion you would need.

Suggestion that these could be better described in document. Could be generalized even more, using SAML as an example.

General agreement with this suggestion.


d) Active issues


i004 - Transitive closure spec dependencies

In progress. SC recommendations are nearly complete, should have something back to TC on all specs soon.


i008 - Need well formed XML examples

Not discussed.


i066 - SecurityPolicy use cases

Rich Levinson responded to previous comments.

Waiting for feedback from commenters before providing next update.


i078 - Specify Reference Types for References to SCT

Not discussed, need update from Hal.


i081 - Provide policy statements and associated URIs that can be referenced from wsp:PolicyReference statements

Not discussed.


i090 - Description of Strict Formatting seems wrong for EncryptedKey

Not discussed, need update from Hal.


i094 - We need a definition for "domain" in WS-SecurityPolicy

Hal and Ashook have responded with thoughts on this.

Hal does not think RFc term applies.

Ashook argues that domain needs to be more granular within SP, represented by different namespaces.

Gudge notes intent of that statement was for policy authors to use common sense, i.e. don’t nest transaction assertions inside of security assertions. It was not meant to suggest you could prevent nonsense assertions.

Ashook wants to add focus with additional namespaces, i.e. message protection and transport protection.

Gudge suggests removing statement.

Any objections to taking it out?

Motion to remove statement, adopted unanimously. Assigned to editors, status pending.


i096 - Ensure Appendix A is complete

Not discussed.



f) Pending issues

Not discussed.


i071 - Guidance on Policy Application


i074 - Add <EncryptSupportingToken> element to Sections 7.4 and7.5


i079 - Is Bootstrap policy a PolicyAssertion


i080 - Handling EncryptParts specified under SupportingTokens


i082 - Remove duplicate RFC2119 reference


i083 - Remove shading from figures, possibly enlarge


i084 - Assertions with nested policy do not indicate it


i085 - Replace ID with Id for Id attribute


i088 - No XPath default


i089 - Minor editorial comments on security policy


i091 - security policy help for example C.3.2


i092 - Proposed SP change related to issue 52


i095 - Amend text for nested assertions in WS-SP


i097 - No support for message level encryption of headers for WSS 1.0?


i098 - Inconsistencies related to SignedParts/* assertion




6. AOB


Tony is concerned that we have scenarios that don’t have real usage. We may have to many scenarios.

Discussion of scenarios with different token types, asymettric and symettric keys.

There seems to be an inconsistency in the doc, scenario 2 returns a token that does not seem to be used. That seems gratuitous.

Looking for a subsequent message flow using that bearer token, as other scenarios do.

Question is not about usefulness of bearer token, the issue is it is not used as it is in other scenarios.

The reason this was not done is that bearer tokens get used in ways that would not be represented here.

This scenario should be completed for future interop events. It is too late for this round to complete this scenario as people are already beginning to bring down their endpoints.


7. Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 7:53am PST.



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