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Subject: Interop results matrix

OK, here is an update since the last time I sent this out. There has been a lot of progress since then. We are very close to 100% across the board of available scenarios!


I have captured all possible combinations of services and clients and  most of the gaps in coverage are from either no data (yes, I’ve asked) or that the combination was not tested. There is a regression of one test that previously worked and one configuration issue neither of which are problems related to the specs. For scenario 5 and 6 we did hit 100% for all participants.


There are still more clients and services on the way. Some new preliminary endpoints were put up on Friday by a new participant, it is too early to report any results. I also found out about a client that I hadn’t been tracking that is not in this result set.


The only thing that surfaced regarding the specs during the interop testing has been reported as issue 105 regarding clarifying the use of label in derived keys for SC.


Note that scenarios 2 and 7 were not used in this round. 3 wound up falling out as well as there have been some different interpretations of that scenario as it is documented presently.


Anonymous Results Matrix.xls

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