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Subject: WS-SX TC Minutes, December 6 2006

WS-SX TC Minutes, December 6 2006


Summary of new Action Items:



1. Call to order/roll call



Meeting Attendees

Name Company

Denis Pilipchuk      BEA Systems, Inc.*

Corinna Witt    BEA Systems, Inc.*

Yakov Sverdlov CA*

Dana Kaufman    Forum Systems, Inc.*

Toshihiro Nishimura Fujitsu Limited*

Greg Whitehead Hewlett-Packard*

Ching-Yun (C.Y.) Chao      IBM*

Henry (Hyenvui) Chung      IBM*

Heather Hinton IBM*

Kelvin Lawrence      IBM*

Mike Lyons      Layer 7 Technologies Inc.*

Kate Cherry     Lockheed Martin*

Jan Alexander   Microsoft Corporation*

Greg Carpenter Microsoft Corporation*

Paul Cotton     Microsoft Corporation*

Colleen Evans   Microsoft Corporation*

Marc Goodner    Microsoft Corporation*

Chris Kaler     Microsoft Corporation*

Norman Brickman      Mitre Corporation*

Frederick Hirsch     Nokia Corporation*

Lloyd Burch     Novell*

Steve Carter    Novell*

Rich Levinson   Oracle Corporation*

Prateek Mishra Oracle Corporation*

Jiandong Guo    Sun Microsystems*

Don Adams Tibco Software Inc.*


Status Changes:

Martin Gudgin lost voting status

Hal Lockhart lost voting status


2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting (November 29)


Adopted unanimously.


3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)


First call of the new year will be January 10th.


4. Issues list



a) Review of action items

AI-2006-11-15-01 - TC Chairs: 7 days after availability of Trust/SC updates ask OASIS staff to start a committee spec vote and OASIS member vote




AI-2006-11-15-02 - TC Chairs: spin up an OASIS submission form for Trust/SC and solicit information as needed from members via the SX email list

In progress


AI-2006-11-29-01 - Chairs to inform OASIS staff of TC decision to take SP to CD and Public Review.




b) Issues in Review status





c) New issues





d) Active issues


i122 - Use cases should include example messages and descriptions on how header content corresponds to policy.


New draft of examples doc uploaded, contains two examples for review.





f) Pending issues

i118 - Wrong ProtectionToken Policy in chapter 1.1

Reflected in CD.

Status changed to closed.


i120 - minor editorial comments on Trust and WS-SecureConversation

Reflected in CS.

Status changed to closed.


5. AOB


Suggestion to bring the examples document to CD, this would help facilitate getting review of the document.

Concerns expressed that there is still an open issue against the doc.

Consensus to revisit brining the examples doc to CD after all of the issues against the doc are closed.


Note that next week is the last TC call until Jan. 10th.


6. Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 7:21am PST




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