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Subject: WS-SX TC Minutes, Wed January 17 2007

WS-SX TC Minutes, January 17 2007
Summary of new Action Items:
1. Call to order/roll call   
Status Change
Michael McIntosh ,  Tony Gulotta  
 gained voting status
Symon Chang, BEA Systems, Inc.*
Hal Lockhart, BEA Systems, Inc.*
Denis Pilipchuk, BEA Systems, Inc.*
Corinna Witt, BEA Systems, Inc.*
Yakov Sverdlov, CA*
Dana Kaufman, Forum Systems, Inc.
Toshihiro Nishimura, Fujitsu Limited*
Greg Whitehead, Hewlett-Packard*
Henry (Hyenvui) Chung, IBM
Heather Hinton, IBM
Kelvin Lawrence, IBM
Anthony Nadalin, IBM
Michael McIntosh, IBM
Mike Lyons, Layer 7 Technologies Inc.*
Greg Carpenter, Microsoft Corporation*
Paul Cotton, Microsoft Corporation*
Vijay Gajjala, Microsoft Corporation*
Marc Goodner, Microsoft Corporation*
Chris Kaler, Microsoft Corporation*
Norman Brickman, Mitre Corporation*
Frederick Hirsch, Nokia Corporation*
Abbie Barbir, Nortel Networks Limited*
Lloyd Burch, Novell*
Steve Carter, Novell*
Rich Levinson, Oracle Corporation*
Prateek Mishra, Oracle Corporation*
Tony Gullotta, SOA Software Inc.
Jiandong Guo, Sun Microsystems
Don Adams, Tibco Software Inc.*
2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting (Wed Jan 10 2007 )
Adopted unanimously.
3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)
4. Issues list
a) Review of action items
b) Issues in Review status
c) New issues
PR011: Missing assertions to indicate supported bindings for the secure conversation STS
Status changed to active
d) Active issues
f) Pending issues
i122 - Use cases should include example messages and descriptions on how header content corresponds to policy.
Updated Examples draft has been posted to the list. Status changed to Review
PR009 - WS-Trust "1.0" in WS-SecurityPolicy
PR010 - Value of @TrustVersion is not clear
5. Next steps
WS-Trust/SC submission to OASIS complete.  Expect OASIS standards vote to begin on schedule at the beginning of Feb.
6. AOB
Hal Lockhart proposed to move to a bi-weekly call schedule until the end of the SP PR period.  The proposal was accepted and the weekly calls for Jan 24 and Feb 7 were cancelled.  The TC will decide on the Feb 14 call whether to continue on a bi-weekly schedule or resume weekly calls.
Paul Cotton noted that W3C WS-Policy last call had completed, the WS-Policy WG was processing Last Call comments this week, and asked for comfirmation that the WS-SX TC has no comments against the current last call draft.  Kelvin explained that email had been sent to the WS-SX mail list soliciting comments and that no comments have been received.  Kelvin asked on the call if any SX TC members were planning to provide comments and received no affirmative answers. Paul asked Kelvin to send him email stating that no SX TC comments would be provided against the current WS-Policy last call draft and Kelvin agreed to do so today.
6. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at

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