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Subject: Re: [ws-sx] Synchronizing references across the WS-RX/SX/TX specifications


Frederick Hirsch

On Apr 2, 2007, at 11:41 AM, ext Jeff Mischkinsky wrote:

> To the Members of the WS-RX, WS-SX, and WS-TX Technical Committees,
> Recently many of the WS-* specifications in the OASIS WS-RX, WS-SX  
> and WS-TX Technical Committees have reached, or are close to  
> reaching, the significant milestone of becoming OASIS standards. As  
> these specifications are being completed at different times and in  
> different committees some of their normative references are not  
> synchronized. Some of these specifications reference the W3C  
> submission of WS-Policy 1.2. Some of these specifications reference  
> both the WS-Policy 1.2 submission and WS-Policy 1.5 which is still  
> in progress at the W3C. Some of these specifications reference  
> final OASIS specifications and others reference the contributed  
> drafts.
> We believe that it would be beneficial to the community to have the  
> same references in a synchronized set of the RX, SX, and TX  
> specifications. Having a consistent set of synchronized references  
> across all of these specifications could enhance eventual interop  
> profiling, provide a more consistent experience across  
> implementations and provide a basis for subsequent specifications.  
> We propose that after the current specifications in the OASIS WS- 
> RX, WS-SX and WS-TX TCs have reached OASIS Standard status and  
> after W3C WS-Policy 1.5 is a W3C Recommendation that the references  
> in the RX, SX, and TX specifications should be updated to create a  
> new synchronized set of standardized versions of the RX, SX and TX  
> specifications. We would like to see these updated references point  
> to only the WS-Policy W3C Recommendation. We recommend the TCs'  
> charters should be clarified to reflect this direction.
> Thank for your consideration,
> Gilbert Pilz,     BEA
> Tom Rutt,         Fujitsu
> Bob Freund,       Hitachi    (2)
> Chris Ferris,     IBM
> Paul Cotton,      Microsoft
> Frederick Hirsch, Nokia      (1,3)
> Jeff Mischkinsky  Oracle
> Sanjay Patil,     SAP        (3)
> (1) not a RX member
> (2) not a SX member
> (3) not a TX member
> --
> Jeff Mischkinsky			          		jeff.mischkinsky@oracle.com
> Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Web Services Standards	+1 
> (650)506-1975
> Consulting Member Technical Staff           			500 Oracle Parkway,  
> M/S 4OP9
> Oracle								Redwood Shores, CA 94065

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