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Subject: Issue PR031: Inconsistencies with RFC 2119

[[ gleaned from the spreadsheet of SP PR comments posted at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ws-sx-comment/200704/msg00000.html ]]
Protocol:  ws-securitypolicy
Artifact:  spec / schema
Type: editorial
Title: Inconsistencies with RFC 2119
Inconsistencies with RFC 2119
Related issues:
Proposed Resolution:
section 5.2.2 -- line 740: Change "cannot" to 'MUST NOT"
section 5.2.3 -- line 746: Capitalize "MUST"? Also, please review other places where "may" and "must" appear for consistency, e.g., line 749.
section 6.4 -- line 1692: Change "is not required to" to "SHOULD NOT" or to "OPTIONAL"? Not clear which choice is intended.
section 8.1 -- line 2230: Change "can" to "MAY".
section 8.6 -- line 2455: Change "can" to "MAY".

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