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Subject: Re: [ws-sx] Examples document feedback

Prateek, this document has been under construction for MANY MANY months you can't expect someone to turn feedback around in 2 weeks, be reasonable as folks only have so many resources here.

It's also not clear if these are the right examples of what we want to show so we are also looking at that as these did not com natural on what we are seeing.

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          Prateek Mishra <prateek.mishra@oracle.com>

          04/18/2007 10:09 AM


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[ws-sx] Examples document feedback

[April 4, Minutes]
> Rich Levinson requested that the chairs put a discussion and possible CD vote on the agenda for 5the next meeting.
> Tony Nadalin noted that IBM had attempted to implement the document and the first nine examples fail. IBM will continue to test the updated version and file issues against examples that fail in the latest version.
[\April 4, Minutes]

We would like to see this information conveyed to the TC in a reasonable
time-frame. It has been two weeks since this statement was made and the
TC has received no feedback at all.

The examples document has been structured carefully with independent
sections; therefore, it should be possible to provide feedback on a
section-by-section basis.

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