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Subject: RE: [ws-sx] Further discussion on WS-SX Examples document


Developers prefer code samples to learn new programming languages. I
think the same is true for meta data languages like SP.
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>From: Prateek Mishra [mailto:prateek.mishra@oracle.com] 
>Sent: Samstag, 9. Juni 2007 00:21
>To: ws-sx@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: [ws-sx] Further discussion on WS-SX Examples document
>This message responds to the following questions from the May 30 
>conference call minutes:
>   1. Is an examples document in scope of the TC?
>   2. What specific examples are or are not in scope in an examples 
>    3. What additional work or steps are required before the examples 
>doc can progress to CD?
>1. The starting point of the examples document goes back to 
>May 2006 when
>this work was proposed by Ashok Malhotra[1]. The points made then were 
>that the
>SecurityPolicy specification is quite complext (111 pages in its final 
>and that most people would have a difficult time figuring out even 
>simple example policies.
>The idea was to collect examples with explanations, this would provide 
>readers a
>starting point for many scenarios of interest.
>I think the question of whether such a document is "in scope" is 
>actually ill-posed.
>A more appropriate question would be: is it appropriate to publish a 
>complex standard like
>SecurityPolicy without an examples document?
>The examples are needed as a kind of sanity-test so that we 
>can see how 
>features may be used to secure message exchanges in a few cases of 
>interest to the TC.
>Aside from the educational and labor-saving aspects, it is also a 
>indication of openness in that
>readers need not purchase proprietary products in order to understand 
>the use of
>the SecurityPolicy specification.
>Finally, if we look at comparable specifications like
>W3C XML Schema we find them accompanied by a systematic and detailed 
>primer document.
>2. The examples document has been quite extensively reviewed 
>by many TC 
>and many suggestions for change have been made and implemented.
>If any vendor has a specific concern with a particular example, they 
>should explain what this is
>and I am sure the Editors would update the document appropriately.
>3. I believe that as soon as any remaining open issues are 
>resolved, we 
>should conduct a
>CD vote for the document.
>[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ws-sx/200604/msg00031.html

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