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Subject: WS-SX TC Minutes, Sep 19, 2007

WS-SX TC Minutes, Sep 19, 2007

Summary of new Action Items:

1. Call to order/roll call

Symon Chang BEA Systems, Inc.
Will Hopkins BEA Systems, Inc.
Hal Lockhart BEA Systems, Inc.
Denis Pilipchuk BEA Systems, Inc.
Corinna Witt BEA Systems, Inc.
Toshihiro Nishimura Fujitsu Limited*
Henry (Hyenvui) Chung IBM
Michael McIntosh IBM
Anthony Nadalin IBM
Bruce Rich IBM
Mike Lyons Layer 7 Technologies Inc.*
Jan Alexander Microsoft Corporation
Greg Carpenter Microsoft Corporation
Vijay Gajjala Microsoft Corporation
Marc Goodner Microsoft Corporation
Frederick Hirsch Nokia Corporation*
Lloyd Burch Novell*
Steve Carter Novell*
Rich Levinson Oracle Corporation
Prateek Mishra Oracle Corporation
Martin Raepple SAP AG*
Tony Gullotta SOA Software Inc.
Jiandong Guo Sun Microsystems
Don Adams TIBCO Software Inc.

Hal Lockhart chaired the meeting by unanimous consent of the TC.

2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting [1]
Adopted unanimously.

3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)

Next meeting will be in two weeks.

4. Issues list [2]

a) Review of action items
AI-2007-05-15-03 - Editors will create draft errata docs for SX specs using the WSS errata documents as a template

In progress. Draft Should be available before the next TC meeting

AI-2007-06-13-01 - Marc Goodner: Make a proposal for ER006 to the list.
Open.  Marc is following up with Aditya.

b) Issues in Review status
i142 - Examples 2.2.3 and 2.2.4 are miss-labeled
Status changed to Closed.

c) New issues

Will be assigned an issue number with Active status.

d) Active issues

i135 - Need provision in the spec/schema for attachment content signature
No change.

i141 - Support for more stringent security implementation in WS-SP as per requirements in WS-SP Usecases document

This issue was erroneously brought out of the Deferred state in a previous meeting. Status changed (back) to Deferred.

i146 - Example to illustrate a response message
The latest revision of the Examples doc has response messages added to example 3.2.4. Status changed to Review.  Noted that review comments could come in two flavors: (a) comments on the response messages in example 3.2.4 and (b) comments to the effect that response messages should be supplied for additional examples.

i148 - Syntax of XPath for Signed, Encrypted and Required Elements
Issue remains Active. Symon Chang will send an update to the TC list.

ER006 - The specification states that if [Timestamp] is false, thenwsu:Timestamp should not be present inside <wsse:Security> header.
Remains Active pending completion of action item AI-2007-06-13-01

ER012 - Review normative RFC 2119 language in WS-Trust
ER013 - Review normative RFC 2119 language in WS-SecureConversation
ER014 - Review normative RFC 2119 language in WS-SecurityPolicy
No change.  First step is for the editors to create spec errata documents incorporating the current Pending errata issues.

f) Pending issues
ER001 - Inconsistent IncludeToken URI between spec and schema xsd file
ER002 - Editorial comments on SP
ER003 - Clarification of policy usage for derived keys in SC
ER004 - Wrong Security Context Token assertion in example
ER007 - Minor editorial addition to <ContentEncryptedElements> Assertion
ER009 - Policy Assertion Parameters and alternatives
ER010 - Typo in the Security Header Layout section
ER011 - Modification request for issue PR014

See action item AI-2007-05-15-03 above.

5. AOB

TC members encouraged to review  and comment on the NIST document referenced in http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ws-sx/email/archives/200709/msg00008.html

WS-Policy is now a recommendation.   The TC has a charter deliverable to update its specs to reference the WSC WS-Policy Recommendation.  The chair posed the following two questions for TC member consideration.

1. Is the time right to open up new revisions of the SX TC standards? If so which standards need to be revised?
2. Should the next rev be limited to updating the WS-Policy references and applying errata or will it include features enhancements e.g. such as those in currently deferred issues?

6. Adjournment

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/ws-sx/200708/msg00021.html
[2] http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-sx/issues/Issues.xml

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