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Subject: WSFED TC Minutes, Dec 11 2007

WSFED TC Minutes, Dec 11 2007


Summary of new Action Items:

AI: Marc to report on where un-submitted specs are used in the spec


1. Call to order/roll call

Lost voting status

1. Norman Brickman Mitr;


Gained voting STatus

1. Will hopkins, BEA

2. Yalov Sverdlov, CA



Will Hopkins;BEA Systems, Inc.

Hal Lockhart;BEA Systems, Inc.

Denis Pilipchuk;BEA Systems, Inc.

Yakov Sverdlov;CA*

Mike Kaiser;IBM

Michael McIntosh;IBM

Anthony Nadalin;IBM

Greg Carpenter;Microsoft Corporation

Marc Goodner;Microsoft Corporation

Chris Kaler;Microsoft Corporation

Arun Nanda;Microsoft Corporation

Don Schmidt;Microsoft Corporation

Abbie Barbir;Nortel

Steve Carter;Novell*

Doug Earl;Novell*

Anil Saldhana;Red Hat

Tony Gullotta;SOA Software Inc.

Kent Spaulding;Tripod Technology Group, Inc.


2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting (Nov 27)



Adopted unanimously.


3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)


4. Issues list



a) Review of action items



b) Issues in Review status





c) New issues





d) Active issues


i005 - Complex claim data types

In progress


i013 - Encoded wresult

In progress


i015 - Non-standardized Normative References

AI: Marc to report on where un-submitted specs are used in the spec

Some discussion of whether or not member submissions are good enough and W3C document statuses

Hal will look at whether submission is all that is needed


f) Pending issues

i004 - Transitive closure spec dependencies


i012 - Editorial changes to Section 2.7 Attributes, Pseudonyms,and IP/STS Services and section 5 Attribute Service


i014 - Indicating fuctionally equivalent service endpoints in Federation Metadata


All pending issues applied in latest updates.

Status changed to review.






5. AOB


Update on interop

The interop scenarios have been reviewed, no issues found yet

There hasn’t ben any activity yet due to


6. Adjournment



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