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Subject: RE: [ws-sx] WS-SX TC Minutes Update, July 09 2008


You need to ask OASIS to fix you affiliation from BEA to Oracle. It
seems that you are still a BEA in the system


-----Original Message-----
From: Geoff Bullen [mailto:Geoff.Bullen@microsoft.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 2:01 PM
To: ws-sx@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ws-sx] WS-SX TC Minutes Update, July 09 2008

The minutes are the same, I am just adding the attendance...

WS-SX TC Minutes, July 09 2008
We are grateful to Nortel for sponsoring this call.

Summary of new Action Items:

AI: Chairs: Specs move to CD after Marc has updated spec today

AI: Chairs: 48 hours from publication of updated spec, if no issues
raised, submit specs to admin for PR.

AI: Chairs: Notify TX and RX TCs of CD and PR pending

1. Call to order/roll call

Status Change: none

        Corinna Witt; BEA Systems, Inc.
        Toshihiro Nishimura; Fujitsu Limited*
        Doug Davis; IBM
        Kelvin Lawrence; IBM
        Michael McIntosh; IBM
        Anthony Nadalin; IBM
        Bruce Rich; IBM
        Mike Lyons; Layer 7 Technologies Inc.*
        Geoff Bullen; Microsoft Corporation
        Greg Carpenter; Microsoft Corporation
        Vijay Gajjala; Microsoft Corporation
        Marc Goodner; Microsoft Corporation
        Chris Kaler; Microsoft Corporation
        Frederick Hirsch; Nokia Corporation*
        Abbie Barbir; Nortel
        Srinath Godavarthi; Nortel
        Lloyd Burch; Novell*
        Steve Carter; Novell*
        Symon Chang; Oracle Corporation
        Rich Levinson; Oracle Corporation
        Hal Lockhart; Oracle Corporation
        Ashok Malhotra; Oracle Corporation
        Denis Pilipchuk; Oracle Corporation
        Tony Gullotta; SOA Software Inc.
        Don Adams; TIBCO Software Inc.
        Duane DeCouteau; Veterans Health Administration
        David Staggs; Veterans Health Administration

2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting (June 23)

Adopted unanimously.

3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)

PR is under way for all Errata

4. Issues list

a) Review of action items


b) Issues in Review status


c) New issues


d) Active issues

i169 - Sample wsdl in conflict w WS-I BSP in WS-Trust1.3, 1.4

Proposal sent to mailing list
Any objections to this proposal? - none heard Status moved to Pending.
Marc to get proposal added to spec and out today.

f) Pending issues


5. AOB

Status of current PR - 10 days till end of PR for errata.

Are people comfortable with voting based on caveat that proposal gets
added to new version?
Vote today or electronic vote later?  - Can do it now.

Motion: Approve the current editor drafts of WS-SecurityPolicy 1.3,
WS-SecureConversation 1.4 and current editor's draft + resolution to
i169 for WS-Trust 1.4 as CD

Moved: Don.  Seconded: Greg.
Motion is approved.

Motion: If no issues are raised after a 48 hour review period for the
CDs for WS-SecurityPolicy 1.3, WS-SecureConversation 1.4 and WS-Trust
1.4 they are approved for Public Review.

Moved: Abbie.  Seconded: Hal.
Motion is approved.

Flag: CD to start

AI: Chairs 48 hours from publication then submit to admin for PR.

Status of Examples doc - waiting on Greg to submit - Ready to go - Greg
will submit.
        Is there an intention to do interop work against examples doc?
        Not in scope at the moment.
        People sign up as to which ones to interop on?
        Examples taken from existing interop work.
        Lot's of examples - not all tested.
Action: Defer this discussion to the list. - Agreed.

Health Care doc
        Is the TC the right place to write that profile.
        Write elsewhere - TC to review it.
        Do other teams have expertise to write it?
        Is expertise in this TC - not for Health care though.
        Concern: Tying to piece standards together - can't do them
individually, need to treat as a whole.
        Should charter a new TC?
        Would doing work in this TC require a charter change?
        Charter is vague on this issue.
        XPSA could do the work, perhaps some members of this TC could
        How do we resolve?
        Take a poll to see if it is scope or out of scope in the
        Much looking at charter...
                Some say in scope and some say out of scope.
        Interop would be expected on the flows in the profile doc.
        Some companies do not have resources to do interop for this.
        Examples is not the right way to go based on requirements.
        Go to list.
        Read doc more.
        Focus on: Can people sign up to interop on flows in the doc?
        1) Do people want to do this in this TC.  Do people want to take
on a new spec.
        2) Can they resource interop bit Bring this up for vote next
call after list discussion

AI: Chairs to notify TX and RX TCs of CD and PR pending

Do we still need meeting every two weeks?  - Yes.

6. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at: 8am PT

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