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Subject: Summary Meeting Notes: 3rd ws-sx Examples Document Interop Meeting(24-Sep-08)

As agreed, summary meeting notes being provided for the interop meetings.
The summary notes are interspersed w the summary agenda.

Rich.Levinson wrote:
> FYI: Examples Doc Interop meeting notice for TC members; additional 
> participants are welcome
> Wed Sep 24, 2008; 10 AM EDT (7AM PDT)
> Dial-in: 888-967-2253
> Meeting code: 902688#
> Pass code: 123456#
Meeting was held at above time and dial-in location.

> Agenda: 3rd ws-sx Examples Document Interop Meeting
>   1. Attendance (5 min)
Currently there are 4 organizations preparing to participate.

>   2. Administrative (5 min)
>          * Last week's minutes/notes (approve?)
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ws-sx/200809/msg00013.html
no objections
>          * Planned interop dates: Oct 27, 2008 -> Nov 14, 2008
Schedule is still as planned.

>   3. Discussion topics (30 min)
>          * client code reqts and progress
Proposed client materials (wsdl, keys) have been distributed and are 
being evaluated.
>          * test progress reports
Self-tests are progressing

>          * test example updates 
There is a proposal to substitute example with example 2.2.2, 
because people have found that it is not straight forward to do 
as specified.

Discussion is continuing on the reasons for this, but in the interest of 
separating test progress from discussion on the concerns about, 
which actually was a suggested workaround for a request for assistance 
submitted to the TC, it probably makes sense to leave in the 
discussion arena and proceed with the substituted scenario.

It appears that of the list of currently proposed 8 scenarios, that each 
scenario has at least one participant who has claimed to be able to 
support it. i.e. as of now it looks like at least one end point will be 
in place for all 8 scenarios.

Hopefully, we will have up to 4 endpoints for each scenario by the time 
the Interop is scheduled to commence (or even more if any latecomers 
decide to participate - it is hoped that this effort will either lead or 
contribute to ongoing testing and endpoint availability, although no one 
has committed to this or is even talking about it at this time).

>          * interop doc - do we need one
The updated examples doc will be the "interop doc".

>   4. Other topics to discuss: tbd

>   5. Next steps
>          * Next meeting 8-Oct-08, same time

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