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Subject: Summary Meeting Notes: 4th (8-Oct-08) ws-sx Examples Document InteropMeeting

Generally, things appear to be on target. No problems or issues have been currently raised.

Wed Oct 8, 2008; 10 AM EDT (7AM PDT)

Dial-in: 888-967-2253
Meeting code: 902688#
Pass code: 123456#

Summary Meeting Notes: 4th ws-sx Examples Document Interop Meeting
(as agreed by tc to monitor progress)

 1. Attendance (5 min)

    There are 4 current active participants.
    Others are welcome to join.

 2. Administrative (5 min)
        * Last week's minutes/notes (approve?)
        * Planned interop dates: Oct 27, 2008 -> Nov 14, 2008
    Interop still on schedule

 3. Discussion topics (30 min) (sub-bullets should be considered
    suggestions for discussion)
        * client code reqts and progress
              o report on client availability progress
    clients are intended to be available at endpoint so that
     participants can run self-tests or even total external tests.

        * test progress reports
              o start on-going tracking
              o 2.2.2 has been substituted for
     some participants have indicated readiness to make
      endpoints available very soon

        * test example updates
              o any problems to report
        * interop/examples doc
              o will be used for updates
 4. Other topics to discuss: tbd
 5. Next steps
        * Next meeting 22-Oct-08, same time

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