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Subject: There WILL be a WSSX TC call next week

It turns out there are still a few things we (as a TC) need to close on in order for our specs to be submitted for OASIS Standard balloting on December 15th. Therefore we will still have the Dec 10th call.

Specifically we need to certify that the XML and Schemas included as part of our "spec package" are valid and well formed.

In the past I have gone through the specs manually and verified using a tool that all of our XML fragments were OK. Where I found problems the editors fixed them. This was all done prior to the previous OASIS Standard ballot but I don't think we have changed anything that should invalidate the work I did so hopefully this is an easy step to get through this time around.

At the TC call on the 10th we just need to agree that the XML/Schemas remain good that and get it minuted so that we can share that with the OASIS staff as part of the submission.

Of course if you are aware of any issues speak up but I hope that anyone who had found issues would have spoken up long before now :-)


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