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Subject: [UPDATED version 2] Minutes September 30, 2009 WS-SX TC Call

Folks, I forgot to send the status updates on voting to Rich in time for the minutes. Those are added below (in the appropriate place with ** prefixes)

WSSX Bi-Weekly Phone Call
10AM ET, 30-Sep-2009

We are grateful to Nortel for sponsoring this call

The meeting also had access to an online chat room at:

Agenda and minutes:
note: "->" near left on line identifies action items

1. Call to order/roll call

Meeting Attendees
Name                                   Company                                   Status
Henry (Hyenvui) Chung                  IBM                                   Group Member
Kelvin Lawrence IBM                                                    Group Member
Marc Goodner                  Microsoft Corporation                  Group Member
Chris Kaler                  Microsoft Corporation                  Group Member
Symon Chang                  Oracle Corporation                  Group Member

Rich Levinson                  Oracle Corporation                  Group Member
Hal Lockhart                  Oracle Corporation                  Group Member
Ashok Malhotra                  Oracle Corporation                  Group Member
Carlo Milono                  TIBCO Software Inc.                  Group Member
David Staggs                  Veterans Health Administration                  Group Member

                10 of 16 => have quorum (stats below)

*** Voting status gained after the meeting:
*** none
*** Voting status lost after the meeting:
*** Corinna Witt
*** Geoff Bullen

2. Reading/Approving minutes from July 22nd 2009 [1]

                approved no objection

3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)

                new tc bylaws went into effect Sep 1 (red line version)
                 TC participants should take a look on process changes

                Marc: new issue list mechanisms: JIRA - allows filing
                 directly into system; more reliable than xml file

->  action item to chairs: bring on JIRA

4. Status of documents

   WS-SX Examples document:

                Announcement of pub review: June 15 - Aug 14:

                rich: described the document: interop on 9 scenarios

                hal: need a motion - reconfirm as a cd, then vote that admin
                 hold vote to a cs. confirm that schema fragments are valid.

                need a statement that there are no schema fragments and that
                 xml document is correct.

                rich: all xml is well formed, schema validation is not applicable
                 since namespaces abbreviated etc

                hal makes motion:
                    no chgs have been made to doc,
                    reconfirm the doc as cd
                    xml in doc is well formed
                    but examples are not normative
                    move document to status of committee spec

                  (mary has specific form for ballot,
                   prep and send to tcadmin at oasis, and mary)

                 rich: seconds the motion

                 kelvin: asks if any objections:
                   no objection:

                motion passed: to move examples doc as described above

->   action to chair w help from rich, and send to tcadmin

  Errata document: see actions below under issues:

5. Issues list [2]
- Actions

- Issues

                xml list not updated (updates planned to go to JIRA)
                one errata issue needs to be added from last call
                errata this call: starting w ER20 (from public comments)

   ER20: msg 7 in sept archive:
                the issue appears correct
->   action to Marc: accepts action to apply correction to errata

  ER21: typo in URI for bearer WS-Trust 1.3, 1.4 and also in schema
                missing a dash in "ws-sx" and "ws-trust"; correct URI in email:
->   action: marc to add to errata

  ER22: missing prefix for ws-trust 1.4, schema correct:
->   action: marc to add to errata

                hal also had comment -> marc will address: make sure new JIRA
                 references current issue list

6. Other business

                hal: tc probably should do an official errata;
                marc: a number already applied; all except one from last call,
                 does not think we had an official errata.
                hal: pick suitable amt of time and then issue official errata
                marc: will report his findings on old errata

                marc, chris: RA working group asked for comments and review
                 their current draft:
  ->                 marc will post link to group

  -> action: kelvin cancel Oct 14 call

                next sched call: 4 weeks: Oct 28, 2009

7. Adjournment
                meeting adjourned: 10:35 AM ET


Meeting Statistics
Quorum rule                  51% of voting members
Achieved quorum                  true
Counts toward voter eligibility                  true
Individual Attendance                  Members: 10 of 119 (8%)
Voting Members: 9 of 16 (56%) (used for quorum calculation)
Company Attendance                  Companies: 5 of 44 (11%)
Voting Companies: 4 of 5 (80%)

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