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ws-sx message

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Subject: Minutes of TC conference call meeting: 12 May 2010

WSSX Weekly Phone Call 

Dial-in Number:+1 218-936-4700 
Participant Access Code:85626
The meeting also has access to an online chat room at: 

actions denoted by "->" 

1. Call to order/roll call 

 meeting attendees:
  Ashok Malhotra
  Bruce Rich
  Kelvin Lawrence
  Henry Chung
  Hal Lockhart
  Rich Levinson
  Chris Kaler
  Anthony Nadalin
  Symon Chang
  Carlo Milono

 Kelvin: we have quorum
2. Reading/Approving minutes from February 3rd 2010 

  Kelvin: asks for approval:
	approved no objection

3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less) 

  discuss vote on examples doc:
    some confusion about ballot for some members, although
    the notice was sent 

  TC agrees we will re-submit

   Hal: moves to re-submit
   Rich: seconds

   Kelvin: any objections
    none: passes unanimously

  XX TC is asking chairs to re-submit request to TC-Admin
      to re-run the ballot. (See below - was decided to
      fix errata, do re-vote and submit at next mtg in 2 weeks.)

4. Status of examples document. 

   Tony: recommends removing normative sections:

	- remove 2119 statement

	- remove "MUST"s
	   line 1892, elsewhere 

  -> action: Rich will update doc

	Kelvin not contact mary today - fixing a typo does not
	 require another public review
	will do cd vote at next call and request tc-admin cs ballot

5. Issues list [2] 
- Actions 
- Issues 

  2 problems associated w issues list:

    - 1. issues list needs scrub and need to start using JIRA
       Hal: also the tc page needs fix to point to JIRA
       Hal: issues don't appear to have been moved to JIRA

  -> action: Hal to get token issue into JIRA

  -> action chairs: repoint tc page to point to JIRA

    2. Marc had been factoring issues into errata and need to discuss
	how to move ahead

     - need a new editor - volunteer:

  -> action Chris: get clarification from Marc as to what needs to
	be done and possibly we can divide up the work

    Kelvin: any new issues? 
	none that we are aware of 

6. Other business

  - next meeting in 2 weeks: Wed. May 26, 10AM EDT
7. Adjournment


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