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Subject: Minutes of WS-SX TC conference call meeting: 9-Jun-2010

Minutes of WS-SX Telecon: 9-Jun-2010

Date:  Wednesday, 09 June 2010
Time:  07:00am - 09:00am PT

Event Description:
WSSX Bi-Weekly Phone Call 
Dial-in Number:	1-218-936-4700(Midwest) 
Participant Access Code:	85626

The meeting will also have access to an online chat room at: 


1. Call to order/roll call 

Meeting Attendees (mtg stats and voting status below)
Name 			Company 	Status

Henry (Hyenvui) Chung 	IBM 		Group Member
Kelvin Lawrence 	IBM 		Group Member
Bruce Rich 		IBM 		Group Member
Marc Goodner 		Microsoft Corporation 	Group Member
Chris Kaler 		Microsoft Corporation 	Group Member

Anthony Nadalin 	Microsoft Corporation 	Group Member
Symon Chang 		Oracle Corporation 	Group Member
Rich Levinson 		Oracle Corporation 	Group Member
Hal Lockhart 		Oracle Corporation 	Group Member
David Staggs 		Veterans Health Admin. 	Group Member

  Kelvin: we have quorum

2. Reading/Approving minutes from May 12th
   kelvin: minutes read and approved

3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less) 

   david: wants to point everyone to the XSPA profile of WS-Trust, and,
    contribute to the public review that started April 27, 2010 and,
    if possible, to comment before the review period for comments 
    ends 26 June 2010.
     doc here:
     emails here:

   hal: status of errata?

   marc: sent an email:
	there are still needed edits, 

   kelvin: need a volunteer to help w edits
	blocked for the moment

  -> action: all: members please check w own organizations if there is
	anyone available who might be able to contribute some time to
	getting this update done

4. Status of examples document and ballot

  examples doc:

   rich:  updated version w 2119 refs removed (cd-03) to vote on:

   hal: motion to vote doc to cd
   rich: seconds
   kelvin: any objection? none: 
	unanimous consent to approve examples doc to TC

   kelvin: need to move 
   hal: move doc w no substantive changes and send to
	TC-admin to run TC-Ballot
   rich: seconds
   kelvin: approved no objection; unanimous consent

  -> action (completed here): rich to let us know the version of the doc:
      updated version (only w today's date):

  -> action: kelvin, chris, rich: coordinate to send the msg to
	Mary for the TC-Admin Ballot on the above doc

5. Issues list
   - Actions 

     Hal: are there some unfinished errata?
     Marc: ER23 is only one Marc knows not resolved
     Hal: old issues list had not been published
     Marc: it is in note he sent out, resending:
      update w ER23 in JIRA:


  -> action: everyone needs to read Marc's email and be prepared
	to vote at next meeting

   - Issues 

6. Other business 

   - straggler roll

7. Adjournment

   rich: moves to adjourn

    - 10:28 AM ET

Meeting Statistics
Quorum rule 	51% of voting members
Achieved quorum 	true
Counts toward voter eligibility 	true
Individual Attendance 	Members: 10 of 113 (8%) 
Voting Members: 8 of 10 (80%) (used for quorum calculation) 
Company Attendance 	Companies: 4 of 43 (9%) 
Voting Companies: 3 of 4 (75%) 
Status Changes

Lost Voting : None
Gained Voting: Tony Nadalin

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