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ws-tx-editors message

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Subject: Creating committee drafts

Editors, please create committee drafts as follows:
1. Make copis of the approved WDs with file name XXX-cd-01.doc
2. Change the doc identifier location to reflect the "-cd-01". Make sure
the "location" points to where the XXX-cd-01.pdf will be (i.e makesure it
includes the suffic ".pdf")
e.g. http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-tx/wstx-wscoor-1.1-spec-cd-01.pdf. Don't
forget to update the page footer.
3. Update the status to change "working draft" to "committee draft"
4. Change the date to March 15, 2006 (which is when we approved the CDs)
5. Accept all changes.
6. Upload .doc and .pdf to the new "committee draft" folder.

Ian Robinson
STSM, WebSphere Messaging and Transactions Architect
IBM Hursley Lab, UK

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