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ws-tx-editors message

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Subject: Please produce Committee Spec materials for submission to OASIS members

The ballot to approve committee specs has completed successfully and we now
need new Doc, XHTML and PDF versions of the final committee specs.
The specs need to be changed as follows:
1. The filename suffix should be changed from "-cd-nn" to "-cs-02" e.g.
wstx-wsat-1.1-spec-cs-02.doc (*)
2. The "document identifier" and "location" on the first page and in the
page footers need to be similarly updated
3. The front page, above Document Identifier, should be changed to read
"Committee Specification 02, 3 February 2007"
4. The date in the page footer needs to be updated to 3 February 2007,
which is when the CS was approved.

Please upload the completed materials to the "committee specs"  folder in
the TC doc library.
For the XHTML, please follow the same process as before and produce a
".html.zip" file containing the HTML and image files.

(*) except for WS-BA which should be -cs-01 rather than -cs-02.

Ian Robinson

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