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Subject: Are WSDL descriptions always required for abstract processes

Title: Message
Dear  Abstract Colleagues,
I sent these questions to the main list back in April, but only received an initial response from Kevin (Liu).  Now this informal group is running I would like to ask again
Section 3  of the BPEL makes 'political' statements of direction with regard to the use of WSDL 1.1 - fair enough.  For an executable BPEL process there is clear need for the technical dependency on WSDL descriptions.  Not questioning that.
So my question is do all the WSDL descriptions have to be generated from the start, or can they be generated as part of the process of going from an abstract process description to an executable one?  If they are required for abstract processes as well then how many and which ones- see example below.
So to sum up what I am asking is:  What are the real requirements for, and dependencies on WSDL descriptions for the most abstract of *abstract* processes that BPEL allows?
I would like to see if there is a simple and agreed answer to this question or whether I should raise as an issue (or add in to an existing issue such as 82 or 97). 
 My question is:   Are WSDL descriptions *always* required for abstract processes.  Is the answer clear and correct in the specification? 
Imagine an process (A) that communicates with three remote processes (B), (C), (D).  Is it possible to produce an abstract process BPEL description on its own (one XML document) that conforms to the schema and to the letter and spirit of the textual specification, or is it required to always produce WSDL descriptions as well - if so how many and for what?  Three one for each of the 'A' ends of the A-B, A-C and A-D relationships, three one for each of the 'B', 'C' and 'D' ends of the A-B, A-C and A-D relationships respectively, or all of these making six in total? 
The spirit of section 15.1 (and especially the second paragraph) might be taken to suggest that the WSDL descriptions are not required. 
However, as Ugo has pointed out to me, the portType attribute is a qualified name type and is a required attribute on invoke, receive and reply, which implies that mechanistically the WDSL descriptions are required at present. 

Best Regards,


Tony Fletcher

Technical Advisor
Choreology Ltd.
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