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wsbpel-abstract message

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Subject: Original BPEL's Authors [Re: [wsbpel-abstract] Agenda For Today's 11:00 AM EDT Meeting]


"Rossomando, Philip" wrote:

Hello All:

As you know today we will have another meeting of the 

Abstract BPEL Sub-group. Just getting back from a

Vacation to Yosemite itís some what hard to get back

Into the swing of things however, it is important that we

Keep the ball rolling. So as to the agenda for this meeting,

I propose the following:

1.Discussion on where too from here. How are we

        Going to convert the presentations given at the 

        F2f into actionable items?

2.Johnís would like to say something as to Abstract

        BPEL Anti-patterns.

3.Nick would like to reduce the frequency of our

        Meetings to account for the summer vacation

        Schedule. (Actually, my July 4 vacation started 

        Today.) J

In preparation for this meeting, I suggest you go over the

F2f presentations. Remember, the contact information is

The same as always:

The contact number is 1-877-302-3764 and the pass code is 4233998

Take care,


Phil Rossomando

Research Director, Technology & Architecture

Unisys Corporation

Unisys Way, B-330

Blue BellPA19424USA



FAX 413-0215-2043

Original Authors' Design Goals for the BPEL4WS Specification.doc

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