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wsbpel-abstract message

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Subject: Meetinf Schedule for Summer


I have been asked to adjust the schedule of meeting for the summer months of July and August. So rather than every week, we will meet every other week with our next meeting being July 16 (i.e., no meeting this comming Friday.)

We have action items however:

1.  I would like each of you to come up with a collection of abstract BPEL terms and definitions which we will compile into a glossary of terms.

2.  At our Friday meeting, two Use Cases were identified as promary use cases to describe abstract BPEL. The first was introduced by Ivana and the second by Nick. Nick favors using Abstract BPEL to define templates for definesfing business processes ahile Ivana is looking more at a mechanism for informing a potential business partner how I perform a business function so that she can better interact with me. What I would like each of you to do is think on these use cases and determine where the commonality if any exists between them. Also what would be the advantages if any of choosing one over the other as the best way of illustrating the capabilities of abstract BPEL.

If any of you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I will be at university working on my dissertation research but should have email access.


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