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wsbpel-abstract message

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Subject: Words we use in talking about abstract BPEL

Title: Message
Dear Colleagues,
I have definitely gone way over the top on this one so I would ask that you do not look at the attached document straight away.  First do this: get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and just jot down the words that you use or you have heard other people use as we have talked about a possible abstract Business process execution language, its purpose, its uses and its features that you think we are using in a special or particular way.
Now you can open the attached document and see if you can find one, or more, definitions for those (I suspect few) terms you have written down.  Please then mail this group (and hence me) with your words, whether you liked a definition already in the document - or not.
I will then move definitions that are liked (possibly as modified) to the abstract BPEL section (which is currently empty!!!).  Of course if you do not see a definition for a term you think we should define (or do not like any offered) then please suggest a definition and I will add that in.  When the terms I found in other documents have served there purpose (of jogging our thinking) then I will make the document a whole lot smaller by deleting them and just retaining the ones we have agreed on.
{Personally I feel the main specification document should define (or reference definitions) any words that it uses in a special way and not as in common usage English according to the standard dictionary adopted by OASIS (which is ?), but that is another issue.}

Best Regards,


Tony Fletcher

Technical Advisor
Choreology Ltd.
68, Lombard Street, London EC3V 9L J   UK


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Business transaction management software for application coordination

Work: tony.fletcher@choreology.com

Home: amfletcher@iee.org


2004-07-07_Terminology for Abstract BPEL.doc

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