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Subject: Ben Bloch Requests Membership in Web Services Business Process Execution Language TC

Ben Bloch of Individual wishes to join Web Services Business Process Execution Language TC. He or she is eligible for membership based on membership rules for this group.

Please visit http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel/manage/pending_request.php to evaluate this request and to see all of the other pending requests to join this group.

Additional information entered by Ben Bloch in support of his/her application:

I am a consultant analyzing market and technology landscape for web services and XML data flow monitoring technologies.  This investigation has focused on the application of web services and web services monitoring technologies to workflow/business process visibility and exception handling.  Straight Through Processing (STP), the move to real time settlement of securities transactions, in particular, is being studied due to the cost of "breaks" or transaction anomolies and the number of parties involved in a single transaction.

Prior to that, I led binational (US/India) development teams at Inteq in Bedford, MA and at Navisite in Andover, MA - both in the area of large scale distributed application and network management, both utilizing the web services technology stack.
Overall, I have 4+ years experience building, deploying and managing integration platforms enabling business process integration within and across enterprises - securely, scalably and reliably, 5+ years in financial technologies and applications and 15+ years experience applying IT to achieve quantifiable business results across a range of industries and range of application topologies, from client server (desktop-mainframe) to n-tier to the more contemporary SOA-based systems.

Interests in/perspective of BPEL:
BPEL for coordinating Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and composite applications:
There is great need for semantics and technologies to coordinate SOA-based and composite applications.  In more traditional topologies, this sort of coordination or business logic has been done "in process" of a single process application or within the business logic tier of an n tier application.  BPEL perhaps can facilitate such composite application business logic. 

Scalability through in line Data Flow Monitoring:
In addition to engineering scalability into any coordination server, inline data flow monitoring can also achieve or at least enhance scalability of such coordination, particularly workflow monitoring and most critically, exception handling.

Thank you,

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