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Subject: Externally referenced locally-scoped partnerLinks

WS-BPEL Committee members -

Is there a standard way to refer to a locally-scoped partnerLink from 
outside the process? My reading of the specification is that partnerLink 
names need only be unique within the scope that they are defined, not 
necessarily unique to the entire process.

However, the last sentence of section 6.2 says:
The initial binding information of a <partnerLink> can be set as a part of 
business process deployment, regardless of whether it is declared on the 
<process> or <scope> element level.

What identifier should deployment descriptors use to reference these 
locally-scoped partnerLinks for the purpose of initializePartnerRole?


Jim Clune
Parasoft Corporation
101 E. Huntington Ave.
Monrovia, CA.  91016 

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