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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-implement] Fault tolerance considerations


Fletcher, Tony wrote:
Dear Ron, Mike, Ugo, and others,
Is this problem not occurring because of layer violation.  Surely BPEL - and BPEL implementations - should not need to worry beyond setting a timeout at the sending side on an invoke to which a reply is expected.  At the BPEL should just a hand a message over to the SOAP HTTP implementation, and receive messages back from it.  Exactly how the message is sent (and in particular whether the response rides on an HTTP response or request is surely not a BPEL concern  (???)
I think the issue arises only in error cases, where error recovery/handling may need some extra insight into the lower-level binding characteristics. As Edwin has suggested, this can be determined at deployment time, along with suitable recovery policies. Obviously this sort of thing is implementation-specific, but Edwin's approach makes a lot of sense.


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