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wsbpel-implement message

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Subject: notes from implementations subgroup call Oct. 27

Notes from the implementation subgroup call today: 
- Attendees:  Sid Askary, Yaron Goland, Ugo Corda, Rania Khalaf, Rajhesh 
Pradham, Monica Martin
- We discussed interest in holding some implementation showcase that would 
include interoperability and/or portability at the next face to face. 
Rania said she would be able to bring a proof of concept implementation 
she's been working on and I noted that Tony Andrews had said he or John 
Evdemon would bring his implementation. 
- Sid raised concern that participation might be impacted if TC members 
fear there are IP constraints.  The IP terms for the BPEL4WS submission 
are available on the web site along with information on obtaining 
licensing rights and contact points for further info (with the exception 
of Siebel which expects to complete their review soon).  Any questions 
should be addressed to those contacts.   I took the to do to try to 
research how other TC's have held interop events and to try to draft a 
note explaining the purpose of the implementation showcase and the context 
(ie, private, no implied commercialization of code participating) and 
include a reminder that the IP info and  contacts are available on the web 
site.   I will also request an update from Jamie Clark on the IP question 
raised by the TC earlier.
-  It was suggested that the scenarios should include roles for both web 
service providers and BPEL engines and that it should be possible for 
participants to play various roles.
- Once we've agreed on scenarios, we should tryto do some "rehearsals" 
prior to the f2f and set up a url to hold the BPEL and provide end point 
implementations.    If all of this cannot be accomplished prior to the f2f 
we would still go ahead with the showcase at a more basic level. 
- Rania will send an email to start the discussion on what should be in 
the scenarios and will use the input from this to put together some 
initial scenarios for our consideration. 

We discussed some of the assumptions/groundrules for the showcase which 
I've listed below.  I've thought of at least one additional point  (last 
one) - please let me know if you have others. 
---- the purpose is to exercise the spec and provide validation/expose 
problems in it to support the TC work
---- it is a private event for the TC.  Correspondance and comments on it 
will be kept within the TC.  (I will verify that the email archive is set 
to share with the TC only). 
---- no results will be published. 
---- it is intended to be a work session and not a demo.  Implementations 
may not be complete, work may be required to complete scenarios, etc. 
---- we are planing to do some prep work beforehand (to the extent 
possible) so as to take best advantage of the time together.   This will 
at least involve providing scenarios to be attempted ahead of time and may 
include hosting some web based interactions.
---- it should be a friendly, collaborative event. 
---- implementation may be prototypes or proofs of concept.  They do not 
need to be products and there is no assumption that any will become 
---- confidential information (eg, implementation details) should not be 
Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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