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wsbpel-implement message

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Subject: Face-to-Face scenarios

Hi all,

I'd like to start up a discussion of what people would like to try out 
at the face-to-face. The idea there is to meet and try out a few BPEL 
files on different engines to exercise the spec.

I would suggest starting with a few BPELs that show different behavior: 
correlation with a multi-start example, calling other services and the 
use of links such as in  the loan approval example, and  more than one 
BPEL interacting, perhaps we can run one on each engine. For this we 
could start with a chaining echo: one client starts it off, then a chain 
of processes do rcv/inv/reply where the invocations kick of an instance 
of the same process running on a different engine until finally one just 
invokes a process that is the plain echo (rcv/reply).

I also propose having an additive scheme to a simple rcv/inv/reply 
process: creating different versions of it to concentrate on exercising 
different areas without getting overloaded with complexity.
That's the approach I would take in getting this off the ground.  I'm 
looking forward to everyone's suggestions/input/discussion.


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