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Subject: Re: [wsbpel-implement] Face-to-Face scenarios


Multi-start is a key capability of BPEL, and I believe it would be 
valuable to show/experiment with. Since there has been discussion about 
its usage, then that makes it more interesting to play with :) and  
involving other subgroups that are interested in its behavior would be 

I found a thread relating to ambuguities regarding multistart and 
correlation sets, but it was not crucial and related more to Issue 37. I 
have looked at issues 13 and 2 as you suggest, but could not find the 
reference to multi-start, although there may be others I have not seen 
as you mention. I would like to read more about them. If you have a 
pointer, could you please send it to me?

btw, the examples I have sent are all in BPEL v1.1 as submitted to the 
TC (dated May 2003).


Monica J. Martin wrote:

> Rajesh Pradhan wrote:
>> Hi Rania,
>> This sounds good to me. The Loan Approval example is our starting 
>> scenario
>> too:). How do you envision the processes split over multiple engines ?
> mm1: The Loan Approval example sounds good although we have had 
> several significant issues raised about multi-start activities (issue 
> 13, 2, etc).
> In that regard, if we wish to showcase capability and add value, 
> perhaps we can work with the use case group who may take on the 
> challenges associated with multi-start.
> Thoughts?
>> Should we create some diagrams to make sure we are all on the same 
>> page ? Do
>> you already have sample BPELs, WSDLs etc ?
>> One of the questions I forgot to ask during the call was about the
>> infrastructure. Do we get our own or will we have a setup at the F2F ?
>> Thanks,
>> Rajesh.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: rkhalaf [mailto:rkhalaf@watson.ibm.com]
>> Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 7:47 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: [wsbpel-implement] Face-to-Face scenarios
>> Hi all,
>> I'd like to start up a discussion of what people would like to try out
>> at the face-to-face. The idea there is to meet and try out a few BPEL
>> files on different engines to exercise the spec.
>> I would suggest starting with a few BPELs that show different behavior:
>> correlation with a multi-start example, calling other services and the
>> use of links such as in  the loan approval example, and  more than one
>> BPEL interacting, perhaps we can run one on each engine. For this we
>> could start with a chaining echo: one client starts it off, then a chain
>> of processes do rcv/inv/reply where the invocations kick of an instance
>> of the same process running on a different engine until finally one just
>> invokes a process that is the plain echo (rcv/reply).
>> I also propose having an additive scheme to a simple rcv/inv/reply
>> process: creating different versions of it to concentrate on exercising
>> different areas without getting overloaded with complexity.
>> That's the approach I would take in getting this off the ground.  I'm
>> looking forward to everyone's suggestions/input/discussion.
>> thanks,
>> Rania

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