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wsbpel-implement message

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Subject: Reminder - call Monday Nov. 11, 1pm Eastern

Just a reminder of our call today - WS BPEL TC implementation subgroup 
call  877-988-8393, int'l 203 566-8013, pc 484868.
I've taken a pass at the guidelines for a showcase at the next face to 
face as we discussed - here's a preliminary draft: 
---- the purpose is to exercise the spec and provide validation/expose 
problems in it to support the TC work
---- implementations will not become part of the BPEL specification
---- it is a private event for the TC.  Correspondance and comments on it 
will be kept within the TC. 
---- no results will be published. 
---- it is intended to be a work session and not a demo.  Implementations 
may not be complete, work may be required to complete scenarios, etc. 
---- we are planing to do some prep work beforehand (to the extent 
possible) so as to take best advantage of the time together.   This will 
at least involve providing scenarios to be attempted ahead of time and may 
include hosting some web based interactions. 
---- it should be a friendly, collaborative event. 
---- implementation may be prototypes or proofs of concept.  They do not 
need to be products and there is no assumption that any will become 
Implementations will be for the use of the TC for the above purpose, and 
there will be no licenses to use the implementations outside the TC or for 
any other purpose.
---- confidential information (eg, source code and other implementation 
details) should not be disclosed. 
---- implementations should be of the "current" spec that the TC is 
working on.  (The implementation sub group will figure out what exact 
version this will be).  Experimentation with alternate solutions to open 
issues may be done. 
I've asked the OASIS staff for input as well. 

We can discuss these and Rania's proposed scenarios on the call today.
Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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